Rules And Regulations Governing Automobile Number Plates

In 2001 the laws ruling the screen and supply of replacement number plates were greatly transformed in order to handle the problems of false discs and mis-spaced or illegible number plate designs. False plate designs are a problem to the law enforcement as scammers use them whilst committing criminal activity so that cctv camera footage is useless and illegible or mis-spaced number plates create problems for speed camcorders and Automatic Number Plates Reputation systems used by the DVLA and blockage charging techniques.

Since the introduction of the innovative legislation Replacement number plates have had to store with the DRIVER AND VEHICLE LICENSING AUTHORITY and need to put their particular name and postcode on each plate created to enable traceability of every number plate. The supplier must inspect an approved type proof of entitlement and also permitted proof of identification supplied by the consumer and keep track of both for being kept available for inspection by the police or perhaps trading criteria officers. Failing to supply these documents to the supplier will probably be met with a refusal for making up the number plates.

The layout and elements of number plates also are specified in the legislation, and must adhere to british common BS AU 145d which usually governs the reflectivity and durability of the supplies. There is only one font which can be legal and characters should be 79mm great and 50mm wide. The gaps among each shape must be 11mm except for the gap between your two obstructions of numbers which must be 33mm. There should be a minimum difference at the top, bottom level and sides of 11mm.

Europlates happen to be allowed having a choice of flags such as Saint Georges Mix, Saltire, Institute Jack, or Red Dragon.

This legislation at present would not seem to apply to suppliers located in N. Ireland in europe although there will be plans because of it to be produced law presently there as well.

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